Daddy Pig's Office
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Season #: 02
Episode #: 22 (74)
International titles: Flag Spain La oficina de Papá Pig

Flag Mexico La oficina de papá
Flag Brazil O escritório do Papai Pig
Flag Poland Biuro Taty

Airdate: 3 January 2007
Transcript: Unavailable
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Daddy Pig's Office is 22nd episode of Season 2 and 74th overall episode of Peppa Pig series.



Peppa and George visit Daddy Pig's office, both pretend they are also working there. The pigs find very surprising things: First, Peppa discovers a voice switch. Then Daddy Pig, touch the switch and says "that's it". Peppa also does but instead of saying his name says "It's me" and the answering machine says "O-ho! Hello me" The elevator opens and they all have a look of amazement Now George must "work" and so touches buttons to enter his office. When they enter the office, meet the colleagues of Daddy Pig. Mr Rabbit uses rubber-stamps on pieces of paper, while Mrs Cat seems to spend her time drawing shapes on a computer. Daddy Pig works with big numbers.


  • George draws Peppa, but he paints of yellow color.
  • This is the one episode where Mummy Pig does not appear.
  • While Mummy Pig has not appeared in this episode, Morwenna Banks (Voice Mummy Pig) did the voice of the voice switch and Mrs Cat.


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