Rebecca Rabbit
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Season #: 2
Episode #: 2007-03-21 ({{{overallepisode}}})
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 Rebecca Rabbit is 39th episode of Season 2 and 91st overall episode of Peppa Pig series.


The episode begins at night where Peppa, George, Rebecca and Richard are playing. The plays ends and Mummy Rabbit says they have to leave now, Rebecca wanted to play more, but as it is night, she proposed that Peppa visits at home to play. Mummy Rabbit accepts the proposed and rabbits go running down to go. Richard is scared for the stairs, and starts to cry. Peppa asks why Richard is crying. Rebecca says he is afraid of stairs as there are no stairs in his home, but can not add more, because you must save the surprise until the next day! When it is a sunny morning, the family will let Peppa and George at Rebecca and Richard's house. Before, they thought they were lost and they were under the command of Daddy Pig. But realize that Rebecca's house is different and Peppa's house is called "burrow".